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08-Jul-2017 15:19

This won't be anywhere near as sexy on a weekday, but believe it or not, MARTA is very pleasant on weekends, and it's either cleaner or seems that way without the crowd.You can get a whole day for per person, and of course there are great walkable areas with inexpensive dining options at stops like Decatur (Raging Burrito), Dunwoody (Perimeter Mall food court), and even Five Points (totally random fast food joints).Pair this with the Planetarium, where the round, heavenly theater is truly beautiful.Admission tickets are just , which is a meager price to pay for reenacting your own version of Ross and Rachel’s infamous date.

The only hard-and-fast rule is you can't wear open-toed shoes, and you can probably guess why.Just per adult gets you access to two movies on the same screen at what is arguably the city’s oldest, most beloved movie theater.