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Tempted by the demon Mara, assaulted by flies, distracted by all of the drama that comes with being human, he refused to give in to any illusion and continued seeking absolute enlightenment.

At age 35, under a Bodhi tree, Siddhartha reached enlightenment and became the "Buddha," a Sanskrit word meaning "One who is awake." The Buddha had realized that the trouble with being human came from clinging and attachment.

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Again, he is shocked by the unhappiness that is visited upon humanity, and embarrassed by his naiveté.

The concept of karma is like that of cause and effect — Buddhists believe that whatever actions are taken by the individual will have an impact on the individuals future.

Buddhism makes special emphasis on the mental intent behind an action — it is possible to accrue positive or negative karma through emotions and thoughts.

Siddhartha abandons everything to follow this monk, who he hopes will lead him out of the cycle of misery that afflicts all humankind, leaving behind his kingdom and a father who is probably somewhat ticked off at the Broken Masquerade.

The Hindu ascetics were extremely severe, and they ate and drank so little that some of them would even die of starvation.Nirvana The exact experience of nirvana is said to be beyond human description or comprehension, but most schools of Buddhism agree on the basics.

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