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This really doesnt matter too much, though, because all of these orders or secret societies are offshoots of other ones.

They are all Masonic in nature because of the nature of the information which they possess.

There are different areas of Freemasonry and it is all a hierarchy of power.

Occasionally, Masonic groups will work against each other in the public forum through the agencies which they control, but they may be united behind the scenes. The first Masonic lodges by that name appeared in England in the 1600s and within a century they were spread throughout most of Europe, including Germany and France and the colonies of early America.

To better understand what they do, we need to look at their philosophies and ideas.

Essentially, they held knowledge of ARCHETYPAL ENERGIES that bond or link Spirit to matter. This allowed an early guild of bricklayers, or MASONS, to be established, making it possible to build great pyramids, etc.