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Ecuador’s government has said it will make a decision on Mr Assange shortly.Police say he faces arrest in the UK for breaching his bail conditions.Last Thursday, seven judges at the UK’s Supreme Court dismissed Mr Assange’s attempt to reopen his extradition appeal as being “without merit”.Lawyers say bail would only be forfeited if Mr Assange failed to turn up for a scheduled court appearance.“The national government is considering its position and the president will give us his instructions tomorrow,” he told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.Mr Assange, 40, whose conditions included staying at his bail address between and BST, is spending his second night at the embassy.On Wednesday, Ecuador – whose president has previously clashed with Washington and is a fan of Wikileaks – said it would consult the UK, Sweden and the US before deciding on Mr Assange’s asylum request.UK government representatives met the Ecuadorian Ambassador Anna Alban at the Foreign Office on Wednesday for talks Ms Alban described as “cordial and constructive”.

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Please set your browser to accept cookies to continue.Posted in 15 (XV), 21 (The World), 42 (Two of Cups), Ecuador, Julian Assange, personal day, personal month, personal year, Rafael Correa, tagged Assange, City of Westminster Magistrates' Court, Ecuador, Julian Assange, Ken Loach, Rafael Correa, United States, Wiki Leak on June 21, 2012| Leave a Comment » 21 June 2012 ET Ecuador is examining the asylum case of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, the country’s president has said.Rafael Correa said Ecuador would make a “sovereign decision” after examining what danger there was to his life.Swedish authorities have said the ECHR would intervene if Mr Assange was to face the prospect of “inhuman or degrading treatment or an unfair trial” in the US.

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Bail money As part of Mr Assange’s bail conditions, securities totalling £200,000 were lodged at City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

But he said his country would need to be cautious over the matter.

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