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12-Sep-2017 06:10

In the UK, the happy face has been associated with psychedelic culture since Ubi Dwyer and the Windsor Free Festival in the 1970s and the electronic dance music culture, particularly with acid house, that emerged during the Second Summer of Love in the late 1980s.

The association was cemented when the band Bomb the Bass used an extracted smiley from Watchmen on the centre of its Beat Dis hit single.

There are citations of similar punctuation in a non-humorous context, even within Herrick's own work.

Messenger from 1998, where it can be seen in the user list next to each user, and it was also used as an icon for the application.

He used it to highlight the good news parts of the newspaper France Soir.

He simply called the design "Smiley" and launched The Smiley Company.

The graphic was further popularized in the early 1970s by Philadelphia brothers Bernard and Murray Spain, who seized upon it in September 1970 in a campaign to sell novelty items.

The two produced buttons as well as coffee mugs, t-shirts, bumper stickers and many other items emblazoned with the symbol and the phrase "Have a happy day" (devised by Gyula Bogar), In 1972, Frenchman Franklin Loufrani became the first person to legally trademark the smiley face.

As evidence for this, Loufrani's website points to early cave paintings found in France (2500 BC) that he claims are the first depictions of a smiley face.