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15-Dec-2017 17:12

Acts of cruelty and violence have been always been recorded over the years, and naturally the ones so unnerving, they are the ones that tend to jump out at us. Child of Rage: There’s an HBO documentary called Child of Rage about a six year old with reactive attachment disorder, who repeatedly tortured animals, molested her brother and attempted to kill her adoptive parents by entering their bedroom at night with a knife. Danny La Plante: When a pregnant woman and her children are found murdered, the suspect was a creepy high school student who lived in the neighbourhood. When he was 15 he had been stalking a family, and tied them up.Reddit users were asked in a recent thread to share their thoughts on the most creepy, true story stories and events in human history. The documentary shows her calmly telling her therapist about the incidents. They managed to escape but when they called the police, Danny was missing.Those statistics are based on those who have been diagnosed.There are still millions of people who are too ashamed to seek help and will suffer in …It doesn’t matter what income level you’re at, dollar stores are a haven for everyone.According to eyewitness accounts, the beach-goers ran towards the sea to protect themselves when they saw the plane making its way towards them.The …Any magazine that features photos of celebrities uses Photoshop to touch up those images.Whether it be a murder case or a missing person case, cracking a case takes a lot of time, sometimes even left unsolved.One of these cases is a disturbing Polaroid photo that has been making …A 23-year-old army vet who had been accused of shooting and killing her dog has been found dead.

The 14-year-old then proceeded to try and frame his father for the crime, police said.

However, some parts of history are not only cruel, they can also be quite creepy, even downright terrifying.

There’s no mistake that humans can be capable of some gruesome acts, but some people are so disturbed, their acts have a way of getting into people’s minds.

Jacob Remaley, a student at Hempfield Area High School, called …Baby bumps have been in the public eye recently since a notable bump on a woman’s stomach can sometimes be indicative of a baby that is on the way.

Although every woman’s body is different, some women tend to display more of a baby bump whereas other mothers don’t show …Photos are a great way to capture those special, feel-good moments.

Police are refusing to release and details of the scene.

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