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11-Dec-2017 23:13

Artist Khikhus does the best job with his matching of dark illustration, busy frame-movement and almost incoherent philosophizing about the meaning of happiness; it reminds me a bit of Peter Kuper’s more psychedelic work in terms of style.

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Many of the movies first screened here - the likes of 'Volga, Volga', 'Jolly Fellows' ('Vesyolye Rebyata'), 'Circus', etc. In the 1990s the Kremlin, located 'just across the street' from the House on the Embankment, was forced to put up with the fact the Udarnik cinema was housing a car showroom, replaced by one of the biggest casinos in Europe in the noughties. Digging around music stores and artsy cafes got me nowhere and, to this day, I have yet to see a Russian anywhere reading a comic book or graphic novel. But after four months in Moscow, I’ve found that creepy dudes are everywhere, I squeeze into cramped, tiny spaces every time I ride public transportation, and, frankly speaking, I’ve got no immediate prospects for any dates on this continent.