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All seems to be going well until a body assumed to be Daniel's is discovered on the beach by his sister Charlotte.

Five months before, Emily rents her childhood beach home and begins her revenge plan by destroying the careers and lives of the minor players in the conspiracy against her father, beginning with Lydia Davis, her father's secretary and Conrad's mistress.

The FBI arrested David for treason, while Amanda was taken into foster care for at least eight years, and she never saw her father again.

She spent two years at Alanwood Juvenile Detention Center, until she was released to Nolan Ross, a friend of her father's, who informed her of the truth and gave her a wooden box of mementos from her father (dubbed the "Infinity Box"), along with 49% shares of stock in Nolan's computer software company, Nol Corp, in which her father had invested.

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Emily Van Camp is engaged to her boyfriend Josh Bowman.

She is also proficient in shooting and martial arts and speaks fluent French and Japanese.

He kneels and positions himself between her legs and forces his hardness into her softness.… continue reading »

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