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The Angles appear to have been allies of the Danes, but may have seen the migration as an opportunity not to be missed.A Danish kingdom (and perhaps initially more than one) seems to have been established by the late fifth century, but the earliest records of its kings is fragmentary and sometimes allusive.

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Vermund is probably the Vermundus of Saxo Grammaticus in his Danish History.

Typically, the famous rulers of a district which later comes to be ruled by Danes are called Danes themselves.

Dan is the legendary founder of the (ancient) Danish kingdom.

Denmark (Danes) The Danes, or Dene, were part of a Scandinavian tribal collective which suffered divisions in the fourth and fifth centuries.

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As a result, they began to migrate southwards from southern Sweden, entering Jutland and the Cimbric Peninsula in the fifth century, a relatively peaceful southwards movement that nevertheless put pressure on the Jutes and Angles and contributed to their migration to Britain.

(Additional information by Edward Dawson, from Gautreks saga, and from External Link: The Gutenburg Text of Beowulf, translation by Lesslie Hall, 1892.) Skiold, or Scyld, first of the Scyldings, is the founding father of the Danes in southern Sweden, but is also a highly important figure in the list of kings of Angeln.