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10-Oct-2017 02:38

Finally white tie trousers have a silk trim that matches the lapel and button facings of the jacket.The trim consists of either one or two stripes that run along the outside to the trousers’ seam. While there is little room for interpretation on a white tie ensemble, the waistcoat does give you some choices to add your own personal touch. The waistcoat should be long enough to cover the trousers’ waistline, but at the same time be short enough so that it does not reach below the tailcoat.You can choose between single and double breasted cuts.The single breasted waistcoat is secured with two buttons while the double breasted waistcoat uses four.Most common is the formal barrel cuff that is secured with mother of pearl cufflinks matching the button studs at the front of the dress shirt.The bow tie must be white in color and be made from cotton pique matching the fabric of the waistcoat.

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Formal trousers must be made from the same fabric as the tailcoat.

Because the front of the tailcoat has a higher rise it is important the trousers are cut with a high waistline.

White tie requires men to be dressed in a tailcoat jacket that is more specifically called evening dress coat.

Typically the jacket is solid black in color although midnight blue has been considered an acceptable alternative since the 1920s.Thus, it is imperative you follow a strict dress guideline.

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